Working in partnership with Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK, we implement quality primary care today and shape and deliver plans to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow. We are proud to provide a variety of innovative services that have helped to win industry awards, and can contribute to the achievement of the 5-year plan by supplying tailored support in the following areas:

Traditional GP practices

We manage a wide portfolio of GP practices on a variety of contract models, including APMS, PMS and GMS. They are all run autonomously to respond to the needs of local communities, while our professional team is on hand to provide support and assistance whenever they need it.

We have also developed specialist expertise in practice turnarounds and rectifications. We are more than happy to provide caretaking services and help commissioners improve standards of care wherever we can.

Integrated GP practices

We manage a variety of integrated GP practices on different contract models. Offering a wider skill mix, GPs can spend more time focusing on their patients, supported by our Physician Associates, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists and other clinical professionals.

Walk-in centres

We have wide-ranging experience of managing and implementing walk-in centres to relieve growing pressures on local GPs and A&E departments. Supported by our in-house clinical governance processes, these centres provide a high quality environment for patients to receive responsive care. We know the process inside out, from design to delivery, so contact us if you are thinking about commissioning an in-hours or out-of-hours walk-in centre.

Urgent care centres

We provide front-end urgent primary care services in a variety of settings, from out-of-hours support to community based UCC, delivering specific and customised home visiting and care home support.

Our specialist expertise also covers A&E front door projects, GP-led health centres and nurse-led walk-in centres. We are very proud of our responsive and flexible services that consistently deliver the highest quality care and we would love to talk to you about how we could meet your local needs.

Multi-specialty community provider

The broad skill mix of our diverse team of professionals enables us to offer high quality multi-disciplinary care. We can provide specialist expertise from Physician Associates and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to Pharmacists and more.